U.S. History

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US History Topic Quizzes

African-American History Quiz

Labor History Quiz

Supreme Court Quiz (Landmark Cases)

Women’s History Quiz

US Presidents Quizzes

Presidential Order Quiz

Presidential Dates Quiz

Presidential History Quiz (1789–1901)

Presidential History Quiz (1901–2016)

US War Quizzes

Civil War Quiz

Revolutionary War Quiz

War of 1812 Quiz

World War 1 Quiz

World War 2 Quiz

Vietnam War Quiz

US History Unit Quizzes

Age of Exploration

Age of Jackson & Manifest Destiny

American Colonial Era

American Revolutionary War

Civil Rights Era

Civil War

Early Nation

First Americans

Gilded Age & Progressive Era

Great Depression

Industrial Revolution & Age of Expansion

Jeffersonian Era

Modern America

Post-War Era


Road to Revolution

Slavery in America

The 1920s

Vietnam War Era

World War I

World War II

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